Our patented technology builds on FIDO2 to bring secure continuous authentication to web applications.

Ofte Hardware

Our keys extend the FIDO standard by adding a continuous authentication (CA) mechanism to your application's security. Being standards-based, they can also be used on other sites that use FIDO 2FA security.

Ofte JS

The Ofte JS library makes it easy to add support for Ofte CA (and vanilla FIDO) to any web application. Promise-based functions allow you to use modern async coding practices. We extend the JS Fetch API so that integration to manage protected resources with Ofte is as painless as possible.

Ofte Services

Ofte CA is built upon Dogpark, our open source Golang framework for easily integrating and managing FIDO keys in any organization.

About and FAQ

We’re a bootstrapped startup whose members have decades of experience in security and scalability.

What problem are you solving?

FIDO is great, but it doesn't address MITM vulnerabilities. Ofte mitigates this threat and offers advanced key and session management.

What technologies are used for the Ofte platform?

Golang, C (embedded), JS, PostgreSQL, etcd

Can I see some example code?

Yes, check out this repo for a sample VueJS+golang SPA that implements Ofte CA.

What is your pricing?

For the time being, Ofte is free to qualified companies as we work to finalize features. If you'd like to explore a pilot, please get in touch

Can I get a demo?

Indeed! Please book through here.

Can I read more about how the platform works?

Yes, please see this page.

What does "Ofte" mean?

Pronounced "Off-ta", Ofte is Norwegian for often or frequently.

How can I explain Ofte to my six year old?

If FIDO is a key to your front door, then Ofte is that—plus a key to your fridge, your bathroom and your TV.

Get in touch

We welcome the opportunity to learn about your 2FA security needs.